Barbotine (handpainted with slips), Sherwin & Cotton c.1888


The fee is £12 (approx $17) for an appraisal of a single tile or group of similar tiles ie a number of tiles of the same design and colouring or a group from a series such as pictorial tiles. This will include the likely age usually to within five years, manufacturing technique, manufacturer if known and valuations at key stages in the supply chain. If known we will advise the designer or reputed designer but very few tiles can be attributed to a particular designer with any accuracy. We will likely include other notes such as relative rarity and references in standard literature.

For collections we can offer a quick overview, group up to 24 tiles in a photograph and we will advise any tiles of particular interest or importance, overall value, and may make other comments that may be pertinent. The fee of £12 is payable for each group of 24.

If these terms are too difficult to understand please don't ask for further explanation.

If we are interested in buying we will say so, we will offer up to 30% more in part exchange for tiles we have for sale.

We are specialist in english glazed wall/fireplace/furniture tiles from the 19thC and early 20thC up to about 1920, other tiles we can not provide as full information.

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If you want to sell us some tiles or related items see the FAQ entry.


We do not make offers, with worldwide exposure there are too many people who ask, most people are curious rather than serious. We do not give free advice about your tiles, we did some years ago and we found that we were increasingly taking a great amount of time offering and advising on a lot of tiles and buying none. After making offers we found:

Many enquiries were from competing dealers just trying to get an idea of value before selling through their usual channels.

Tiles were listed on eBay often with our offer as the starting price (and usually didn't sell).

People who initially said they have no idea what they are worth changed their minds and said that they think they are worth more.

People took to local traders and accepted ~75% of our offer.

People simply didn't respond, even to simply say thanks.

We do not waive the fee for people who say they are or have something really special and so we really should give our expertise for free, or are recently unemployed and now need the money, are selling on behalf of their mother who has cancer, or any of the other fantastical stories we have heard without any chance of verification. We don't assist those who say that they value our opinion but don't want to pay for it.

Lead glaze dust pressed majolica Gibbons Hinton c.1900

Tube lined art nouveau majolica Henry Richards c.1908

Enamelled Majolica Minton & Co c.1870

William de Morgan lustre tile c.1878

Mintons China Works transfer printed aesthetic/classical/art nouveau fusion design c.1900

One-colour majolica Adam's Style design registered by Godwin & Hewitt c.1900

Transfer printed tile by Maw & Co from a series of Children's Games almost certainly designed by Owen Gibbons c.1880

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