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Rare Ralph Jackson Aesthetic Movement Tile

• Condition: Very good
• Price: £70 (approx. $87)
• Stock number: 06994B

UK First Class +£5

EU Airmail +£10

US and World Airmail +£12

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Small shallow chip upper left, shave top right corner, surface most excellent, very few losses to the decoration, Campbell's grip pattern.


Style: Aesthetic movement
• Technique: Transfer print
Maker: Ralph Jackson
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1887 (registered)


An interesting if not fascinating tile, I've been seeking it for many years, well over a decade since I knew it existed. There are only three designs registered to Ralph Jackson, one quite popular, one scarce and this rare. All overglaze printed and in similar colours including bright red and pink which could be difficult to use underglaze anyhow.

A good design, almost arts & crafts, formal symmetry in the foliage with naturally asymmetric flowers. Printed outline and six painted colours.

Jackson's designs are found on various makers tiles these are Mintons and Campbells. Mintons plain tiles wasn't likely a deliberate choice it is probable the wholesaler did not have enough cheaper (such as Boote) plain glazed tiles in stock. Note one should not say on XXX blanks for Jackson did not buy blanks (i.e. unglazed tiles aka biscuit) he bought plain glazed tiles. Just as William de Morgan did for his lustres, he bought plain glazed tiles not blanks, and most probably weren't Wedgwood either seeing as Wedgwood only made dust-pressed tiles for a short while mostly they bought them in from the likes of Marsden.

Versos clean of adhesive, grubby/slightly stain, printed registration number.


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