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Rare Floral Print & Tint Red Clay Tile


Condition: Excellent
Price: £45 (approx $59)
Stock number: 03092B

UK Special Delivery £53

EU Priority £59

US and World Priority £65

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Small chip bottom right corner, two tiny edge chips.


• Style: Aesthetic floral
• Ttechnique:
Print & tint
• Maker:
The Decorative Art Tile Co.
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
circa 1885


A design that we see from time to time and this a most unusual example. A good nature study pattern of blossoms and fruit on the branch as is often the case blossom and fruit shown at the same time. The fruit is Medlars which was historically very common although it is now rare, a winter fruit that had to be cooked. Decorated by The Decorative Art Tile Co. on a Craven Dunnill blank. More often found by Sherwin & Cotton on the sage coloured clay that they often used and also on white, see here for an interesting comparison.

Verso clean, Craven Dunnill etc embossed and pattern number 77 printed.


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