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We believe a good deal is when everyone is happy. In a business where every sale item is different that may seem to be a tall order but we try hard and get it right most often. eBayers can check the feedback file for our auctioned tiles but we'd like to share a small selection of the other messages received from customers.

Just another quick note of thanks - the tiles were delivered on Saturday - once again they reached and exceeded expectations!

I hope that many of your other potential buyers out there go the extra mile, as they are well worth the investment, and you (Tile Heaven) guarantee quality.

Thanks so much for all the tiles, which have arrived safely and are beautiful.

I am especially pleased with this last order. I love the two blue landscapes (bridge and sheep), the yellows in the various bird tiles are terrific with the ones I purchased from you last month.

 Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery. We all are installed, I will take a photo and email it to you (if, that is, you won't be horrified to see your beautiful antiques employed in rather pedestrian ways in an ordinary little house in Vermont!).

 I have finally got round to placing the tiles I purchased from you into my fireplace.

I am very pleased with them, their packaging and your service.

Thank you for all your help.

 Thank you very much for my lovely tile which arrived this morning. Very good service!

I was so pleased with the two tiles you sent a month or so ago, I wonder if I can enquire about the availability of a few more--again all brown aesthetic tiles.

Thank you very much for fast delivery and good quality tiles,I got them both today.

Two of the three packages arrived yesterday bearing the beautiful ladies of the ocean. I just wanted you to know that I am delighted with them and will look forward to receiving the third package.

With many thanks,

I received the half-tile today -- great tile, I especially like the tubelining on the mesh of the basket -- thanks!

Thank you. Safely received today.

I received the other 3 tiles.  As always, they are absolutely lovely.  In fact I was so happy with them I got online right away and ordered two more.  :)

Just wanted to let you know that the 3 tiles arrived safely.  And they are absolutely gorgeous.  I've been doing nothing but staring at them since they arrived.

 I write to tell you that the tiles I purchased were received promptly and in very good order.  Thank you for packaging them so carefully.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

I would like to thank you for your good service. BTW the tiles are beautiful!

My tiles arrived yesterday. As you said, they are fantastic.

I just wanted to let you know I received the tile.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It will be a nice addition to my collection.  Thank you for wrapping it so carefully.  It arrived in excellent condition.  I'm looking forward to doing business in the future.

Oh my, Oh my......the last of my tiles have arrived! All impeccably wrapped I might add and arriving without any breakage. They are absolutely beautiful and the color is much more vivid than I imagined. When I have my project completed and all the tiles are in place, I will send you a photo. Thank you again for all your assistance.

Just a quick note to say thank you- tiles arrived on time and in good order.

Just letting you know that my tile arrived, safe and sound today and is even more stunning than I expected! ............. Thank you so much for your assistance, it's greatly appreciated.

The tile arrived Saturday. It is great. I did not have internet access until today. But I wanted you to know it arrived intact. Thank you

Dear Jake,

We just got your tile today! Wow, are we happy, that Minton Hollins tile is beautiful. It's one thing to view your images of all your tiles but to get one and hold it in your hands is something else. Thanks, delivery was super we will be contacting you again.


I want to thank you, first of all, for the information on the tile panel I ordered. It's very interesting to know a little of their history. Also, I wanted to let you know that the tiles themselves, most impressively packaged, arrived safely late yesterday, Monday. They are truly beautiful and I know we'll enjoy them.



The tiles arrived--well packaged--and not broken.  They are more beautiful than the pictures!!!  Thanks so much.  When we install them I will send you a picture---then you will understand why we wanted them so much!!  Thanks again!!

Hello Jake,

Tiles arrived in beautiful condition at 07:30 Wednesday morning. They are now in situ in my fireplace and look brilliant!

Dear Jake,

I have just received the package. Both tiles are excellent!

Thank you once again,

Hi Jake,

Very speedy! Thanks.

Dear Jake,

Just a confirmation that I have received the first 5 packages and all tiles arrived in excellent condition and are all lovely!

Thank you for your kind effort,

I received the tiles on Tuesday. They are perfect! I can't get over how much like your pictures they were, in color and detail. You have a really great camera. It is so nice to do business with someone honest, I really appreciate it. Your packaging was excellent. Now I just have to keep them safe until they are installed!  



RECEIVED tiles well packed and undamaged.



Dear Jake--The titles arrived Friday and in beautiful shape. They are absolutely beautiful -- lovely and shiny. We are so pleased to have them - thanks for getting them to us quickly and safely. All best wishes


Hello Jake!

I've just received the tile and, oh my God, it's spectacular!! Stupendous! Utterly breathtaking! Pictures never, ever do the tiles justice but this is...this is just... *sigh* I am overwhelmed. I can not stop gazing at it, exploring the gorgeous, delicate design and lush hues of the glazes -- thank you so much.

Very Best Regards,

Just wanted to let you know we received the tiles yesterday in perfect shape. Thanks again and we really enjoy your great web site!!!

The tiles are beautiful. take care

I received the tiles on Tuesday around ten in the morning(est)....They are brilliant! I am amazed at how accurate the colours are to the photos on your web site, they are in perfect condition, as well

I just got the tile today -

It's absolutely incredible -- I can't stop looking at it

Do you actually have any more

I love your website -

I am afraid that I might just have to spend more money

Thanks for everything and it came wrapped beautifully.

It just occurred to me that I have yet to let you know I received the blue beauty. It is gorgeous--much better than I'd imagined it would be.

I'm very happy. Let's do it again sometime!


The tile came yesterday (of course). It is absolutely beautiful, and we are thrilled.


arrived today - we are pleased with it


Tiles have arrived this morning (Saturday), and they are brilliant!

Many thanks,


The tile arrived today and you were right: I REALLY do like it. Thank you so much. As before, it's been a pleasure.


Tile arrived this morning. Love it, Jake and the packing was pretty impressive to! Hope to be in touch again.


The tiles arrived safely and are lovely!


Got the tile. It is great.


they were rec'd in perfect condition----the tiles are all exquisite


I just wanted to let you know the tile arrived safe and sound in today's mail. It is a lovely tile! And, you were right about the repair: it iso beautifully done that it is just about invisible.

Hope we do business together again in the future.




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