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Set of Sixteen Victorian Majolica 3x3 Tiles


• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £15 - £20 per tile (approx. $19 - $25)
• Stock number: P0046

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More than half are perfect or as near as makes no difference in an installtion, all usable with care in siting any damage consistent with age and use. Surface condition near perfect.


• Style: Victoriana
• Technique:
Embossed & majolica glazed
• Maker: Malkin, Edge & Co.
• Dimensions: 3" x 3" each tile*
• Date:
1880 (circa)


A very useful group of 3" x 3" tiles in a super shade of green. Decorated 3" square tiles are diffiult to find and sought after for corners to borders.

The above image is created using the same settings as all our individual tile images and best represent shade in interior lighting, large photos are taken near a window on an overcast day so more closely represnt the shade in blue daylight.

All backs and edges cleaned of adhesive and grout, ready for fixing.

£15 per tile, £20 for specially selected i.e. perfect or very near. Minimum order 4 tiles.

Versos very clean, embossed M. E. & Co. Ltd.

Click the image below for a supersize picture.


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