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Group of Fifty Five Gilded Rococo Tiles


• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £1500 (approx $1961)
• Stock number: P0034

UK Special Delivery £1590

EU Priority £1650

World Priority £1710

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Overall very fine, many tiles perfect, five with noticable chips, gilding near perfect.


• Style: Rococo
• Technique:
Embossed majolica and gilded
• Designers: C. P. Sutcliffe of Broughton
• Maker: Maw & Co.
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
1895 (circa)



A lively rococo design embossed in quite high relief bright white and gilded the gilding is almost completely undamaged or worn as is often the case with gilded decoration due to being behind the relief of the embossed pattern. These are very rare tiles and were phenomenally expensive in their day, this group represents seven weeks wages for the skilled pottery worker of the late nineteenth century each tile representing almost a day's wage. Priced in the manufacturers catalogue at fifteen shillings per dozen for comparison the same design in a monochrome glaze was five shillings and sixpence per dozen.

Versos perfectly clean, embossed The Broughton.

These are top quality tiles made for the renowned Manchester art tile specialists C. P. Sutcliffe & Sons, made by Maw & Co, of Jackfield, Shropshire, the greatest tile manufacturer in the world ever. Maw & Co made more gilded tiles than I have seen than any ther manufacturer which is rather surprising as one would assume pottery and china makers who regularly gilded their wares would have produced more than a tile specialist.

These tiles represent an incredible opportunity to create a unique interior design feature, they don't have to be used en-bloc but could be used as a frieze or border or interspersed with plain field tiles in chequer arrangement or more widely dispersed, the field tiles could be a colour match with the background or a contrasting colour.

Click the image below for a supersize picture. The tiles with the most damage are on the bottom row.


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