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Rare Rococo Five-Tile Panel

Style: Rococo
• Technique: Print & tint
• Maker: Derby Tile Company of Belper
Dimensions: 30" x 6"
Date: 1890 (circa )

• Condition: Very good
• Price: £280 (approx $415)
• Ref: P0028


A rare tile panel from this elusive company. Individual tiles come to market infrequently, this the first panel I can recall seeing. Printed in dark brown and nice and brightly coloured in a a flowing rococo style. The clay is buff in colour with specks of tan creating a pleasing warm effect. Originally fitted vertically in a fireplace the design works equally well laid horizontally as a frieze and would be well suited to a washstand or splashback.

Versos very clean just occassional smoke stain, embossed D. T. B..

There were several tile makers spread around the smaller towns of England away from the centre at Stoke on Trent, all bar two in locations with nearby coal mines to supply the vast quantity of fuel required. Belper with its coal supply and ironstone was a busy industrial town with a long history, best known for its textiles and hosiery tiles were probably the most durable and decorative wares produced there.

In very good condition, a few rim chips from small to minute the worst being bottom right corner of bottom tile as shown in the large image below, most on the outer edges, just two on the joins, spatter of kiln dirty on the bottom tile and a few other minor manufacturing flaws, excellent surface condition with brilliant glaze.




UK Special Delivery £310

EU Priority £325

US and World Priority £340

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