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Minton & Co Prosser's Patent Hearth circa 1850

Style: Geometric
• Technique: Transfer print
• Maker: Minton & Co
Dimensions: 48" x 14" (24 tiles)
Date: 1850 (circa)

• Condition: Very good
• Price: £875 (approx $1154)
• Ref: P0023


UK Special Delivery £905

EU Priority £955

US and World Priority £1020

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An astonishingly rare tiled hearth from Minton & Co dated circa 1850 in blue and white for a hob grate of full size (36"/38") or recess 'inglenook'. Sixteen full size tiles and eight cut tiles approximately 2" deep, approx 3/8" thick.

Such tiles are rare individually but to find a complete hearth is a near once-in-a-lifetime event. Prosser's patent was in effect from 1840 - 1854 when such tiles were rare, licensing the patent added 10% to the manufacturing cost, in any event they were beyond the means of most people. Most hearths in those days were stone, usually a locally quarried limestone, the grandest may have marble, tiles were modern, untrusted, quite scarcely used and few have survived the challenges of more than a century and a half.

Pattern number 54 in the Mintons catalogue (sheet 15) indicating a very early date for its introduction likely predating Minton's association with Pugin. And an excellent pattern for a hearth, given that fireplaces are most viewed from the seated position hearths should be quite plain for viewing decoration at a most acurte angle can be disconcerting.

Suited for a mantelpice shelf width 60" - 66", or with one tile less (42" wide) 54" - 60", hearths should be about mid-way across the mantel's plinths.

One tile is a replacement, we received fifteen and slightly more than half of the full 6" x 6" tiles. The replacement is a Mintons copy from around 1880 and blends in remarkably well. Minton & Co's tile making business was managed by Michael Hollins from 1840 and both trade names Minton & Co and Minton, Hollins & Co were used.

Versos near perfectly clean, slight cement residue in the recesses, with embossed Minton marks.

Wonderful condition for such a panel, hearth tiles so with some wear and chips but none too great. See the larger picture.




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