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Set of Fourteen Mintons/Thomas Jeckyll Japanesque Transfer Printed Tiles


• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £950 (approx $1275)
• Stock number: 10103

UK Special Delivery £995

EU Priority £1025

World Priority £1050

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Some minor chips most if not all of which hidden by the fireplace frame, surfaces near perfect, one tile has a a chamfered edge verso, again it would not be deterimental once installed.


• Style: Aesthetic/Japanesque
• Technique:
Transfer printed
• Maker: Mintons
• Designer: Thomas Jeckyll*
• Made for: Barnard, Bishop & Barnards
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
1885 (circa)


Top quality printed tiles with brilliant glaze, as good condition as one may expect for such tiles. The design was quite popular and is so today in blue and white for collectors, this colour scheme excellent for interiors. It appears in the Norfolk Iron Works (Barnard, Bishop & Barnards) catalogue, a sheet from which including this design in both 6x6 and 8x8 is reproduced in William de Morgan Tiles by Jon Catleugh. An excellent book, whilst a fan of de Morgan the author is not as sychophantic as others and it has releveance to tile history and collecting greater than the title suggests. Now out of print but used copies are very affordable. Mintons 'hearth quality' tiles apparently preffered by BBB for fitting in to cast iron fireplaces, half an inch thick.

BBB tiles were supplied by Mintons and other leading manufacturers of the day including William Morris and William de Morgan. Also BBB designs appear on Booth's blanks, presumably BBB changed supplier, Booths were as good if not better quality than Mintons and no doubt cheaper.

Almost certainly designed by Thomas Jeckyll who designed firegrates and other wares for BBB of similar nature, they are most certainly complimentary. Given the proclifity of customers to specify designs to manufacturers I suspect the William de Morgan's famous BBB tiles was in fact designed by BBB rather than de Morgan (I have some experience in design for clients). Rare to find a set of fourteen, many BBB firegrates required more than the standard set of ten.

Versos clean, unmarked Mintons blanks, some with Mintons etc erased.

The image above portrays colours accurately. Click the image below for a supersize picture to assess condition.


Verso with Mintons erased.


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