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Pair of Dancing Maidens with Flowers Émaux Ombrants Tiles


Style: Figural
Technique: Émaux ombrants
Maker: Unknown
Dimensions: 6" x 12" each tile
Date: circa 1900


An outstanding and rare pair of tiles, I can't recall seeing them before and I can't identify the manufacturer. The figures are so lively that others appear stiff in comparison, the creator of the images and the modeller's skill, likely the same person, is incredible. The only real comparison is with Sherwin & Cotton's work by George Cartlidge although a pair by Godwin & Hewitt also come close, those by Woolliscroft and Craven Dunnill miss by some way and Pilkington's and Mintons are left in the dust.

They are true émaux ombrants, the tile face virtually flat the detail impressed rather than embossed which requires a glaze both highly translucent and intensely coloured. Technically the glaze is finely crazed, I can't recall Sherwin & Cotton using having an old gold glaze but I'm sure they must have used the colour, and the biscuit is warped a little more than Sherwin & Cotton's.

So whilst a little less proficient than the market leader the splendour of the art makes this pair amongst the best, even the best, of the genre.

Versos unmarked, one has written in pencil the price and customer name and address. The price is 1/6 each which would appear to be remarkably cheap unless it was the price for the original frames. These tiles were framed from new, they weren't purchased in frames but it is clear that originally they were framed as was often the case with such tiles.

Condition: Near perfect
Price: £450 (approx $635)
Stock number: 06486/7


UK Special Delivery £480

EU Priority £495

US and World Priority £510

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One tiny corner chip, minor surface marks.


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