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Minton Gothic Enamelled Majolica Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £180 (approx $242)
• Stock number: 06445

UK Special Delivery £130

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Perfect rim, minor surface marks.


• Style: Gothic
• Technique: Enamelled majolica
• Maker: Minton, Hollins & Co. (Minton & Co.)
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1865 (circa)


A great and uncommon example of traditional majolica, opaque glazes on a coloured clay body. Birds rarely feature on enamelled majolica tiles, given the gothic sensibilities of the style a raven is perhaps most apt.

These are very durable tiles such that they were quite frequently used in exterior walls, they are some of the best quality tiles ever made and cost a small fortune in their day.

This is almost certainly a design by A W Pugin who was a close associate of Herbert Minton as relayed by Barnard:

Pugin (1812 - 1852), the pioneer of the Gothic Revival, was an intimate friend of Herbert Minton's. Writing in 1861, Benjamin Ferrey says that, "among the various objects occupying Pugin's attention, not one received a greater share than the revival of encaustic tiles."

The preface to 1880s Mintons China Works tile catalogue states:

The process for the decoration of tiles was favoured by the late Mr A Welby Pugin, "the great restorer of Gothic Art," in the Houses of Parliament and in many other places, and the patterns in that style of ornament in this book are all from his hand.

Verso perfectly clean, embossed Minton & Co., Stoke on Trent.


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