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Pair of Print & Tint Bird Tiles

Style: Nature study
Technique: Print & Tint
Maker: Unknown
Dimensions: 6" x 6"x 2
Date: circa 1895


When Henry Ollivant started tile making in Cliffe Vale in Stoke on Trent amongst his earliest patterns was a pair of birds (seen here, here and here) which were very popular. It appears that other tile makers noticed and sought to produce similar which I believe is what we have here. This pair of birds is rare and although not quite as well decorated as Ollivant's they are lively, colourful and quite charming. Similar birds are seen from time to time, or I should say birds wihin similar borders, and it seems that Ollivant later added a few more designs to make more of a series. I say it seems for despite collecting birds for a good while to date I am unable to solve the mystery of who made all the birds and how many were made.

Versos unmarked, very clean, slightly stained.


Condition: Excellent
Price: £180 (approx $241)
Ref: 06426/7


UK Special Delivery £192

EU Priority £198

US and World Priority £204

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Ref: 06426/7

Left Tile: A tiny, a very tiny and two minute rim chips, perfect surface.

Right Tile: One tiny, two minute chips and a little roughness to the tip of the rim, perfect surface.

If fitted in to a fireplace all would be hidden by the frame apart from one minute (near invisible) rim chip.


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