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Doulton Painted and Gilded Tile

• Condition: Very good
• Price: £140 (approx $212)
• Stock number: 05914

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Two small shallow chips top edge, other minor marks.


Style: Medieval floral
• Technique: Painted and gilded
Maker: Doulton & Co., Lambeth
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1890 (circa)


A most charming floral tile in the medieval style but decorated in bright modern colours and gilding, the tile body with an impressed lace pattern*. The gilding, the tracery of little flowers, is a little worn against the impressed lace pattern but dare I say that makes it even more attractive, one of those tiles whilst looking good in the image is so much more pleasing in the hand due to the way that the gilding sparkles.

The impressed lace pattern is similar to the Doulton & Slater's Patent found impressed in plastic clay decoration on stoneware however on tile it is Marsden's patent of December 30th 1879. Marsden made this biscuit for Doulton, many other Doulton tiles were made by Marsden.

Verso very clean embossed Doulton & Co., Lambeth and patent, pattern number in script.


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