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Pair of Mintons Floral Majolica Tiles

Style: Floral
• Technique: Embossed majolica
• Maker: Mintons
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1894 (introduced)

A great floral design, probably a carnation, that fills the tile with rich colours. From the pattern number we can deduce the date of introduction as 1894 so this will be one of Mintons (China Works) first attempts at modern multicolour majolica tiles and from the Léon Solon era at Mintons when it produced its greatest and most complex tiles. Moulded with a low relief closonné outline to restrain glaze flow but without the extreme contrast of Pilkington designs from the same period so that the appearance is of the glazes rather than the cartooon-like outline. Quite rarely found, perhaps due to the extreme asymmetry even though Mintons made both left-handed and right-handed versions, great asymmetry whilst difficult to work in to interior design adds so much more for the collector.

Versos very clean, some rust stain, embossed Mintons etc and pattern number.


Condition: Fine
Price: £395 (approx $521)
Ref: 05894C/5C


UK Special Delivery £407

EU Priority £413

US and World Priority £419

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Couple tiny losses bottom edge, couple very minor surface marks..


Perfect rim (light marks are glaze misses), minor surface marks.


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