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Floral Palmette Renaissance Style Majolica Tile

• Condition: Good
• Price: £90 (approx $115)
• Stock number: 05781

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Roughness/flakes to the tip of the rim mostly top and bottom edges, two pinpricks and touches of rubbing to high points of the tan, most brilliantly glazed.


Style: Renaissance Palmette
• Technique: Embossed majolica
Maker: Campbell Tile Co.
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1900 (circa)


A design seen from time to time, not before in this colourway by me and it is a super colourway mostly earth tones but fresh and bright with highly translucent glazes the tan background almost orange. The painted pattern number verso indicating this the fourteenth colourway, I think I've seen two or three and those having pale backgrounds and generally weaker colours. A palmette layout design in what I guess is best called renaissance style, great for collectors of majolica and Mintons yet still collectors of art nouveau may appreciate it.

Interesting verso, a modified Campbell's grip pattern having the circular badge replaced and letters L embossed. This verso usually attributed to Mintons but Campbell (and previously Robert Minton Taylor) made many of Mintons tiles, the association between the two companies continued well after Campbell's death in 1885. The Campbell Tile Co. being a specialist tile maker established by Robert Minton Taylor who trained under Michael Hollins manufactured the more difficult tiles apparently including all of those in coloured clay for Mintons. Mintons despite its great reputation rarely made anything complicated mostly only doing surface decoration. This verso although often seen on Campbell's tiles and indeed others to whom it sold biscuit is universally attributed to Mintons including in what has become the standard literature despite pattern numbers having a distinctly different format to Mintons.

Verso perfectly clean, offset grid, embossed L in opposing corners.



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