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Greek Floral Persian Turquoise Majolica Tile Mintons


Condition: Very fine
Price: £120 (approx $201)
Stock number: 05714

UK Special Delivery £130

EU Priority £134

US and World Priority £138

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Tiny pinprick and other touches of rubbing to high points, other very minor surface marks


• Style: Greek/floral
• Technique: Embossed majolica
• Maker: Mintons
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1895 (circa)  


A rarely found tile, the pattern is uncommon as are most Mintons embossed tiles of the period, the glaze also uncommon but very rare in this condition.

A chequer design with pomegranate fruit and flower reaching across two segments with greek key patterns in the others, seen in the Mintons catalogue on the embossed photographic sheet. The glaze is just fabulous, rarely seen in this condition, it was a soft glaze and so is described in the catalogue as not suitable for hearths. It also seems to degrade over time in part due to the softness and with cleaning but also apparently due to atmospheric conditions.

This glaze seen most often on Minton, Hollins & Co. embossed figural and nature study tiles, also used by Mintons on top of black block prints. Few are seen in such great condition, this tile really gives a sense of how brilliant the glaze was when new.

Dating from the 1890s, the embossed sheet seen in the reprinted c.1885 catalogue although the bulk of the catalogue actually dates from 1883 this and the other photographic embossed sheet date from 1891/2 as readily identified by the pattern numbers.

Versos extremely clean, embossed Mintons etc.


Condition: Fine
Price: £115 (approx $192)
Stock number: 05714B

UK Special Delivery £125

EU Priority £129

US and World Priority £133

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Very tiny chip bottom left corner, minute chip right edge, extremely minor surface marks.


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