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Aesthetic Movement 'R Series' Tile Sherwin & Cotton

• Condition: Fine
• Price: £140 (approx $212)
• Stock number: 05681

UK Special Delivery £150

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US and World Priority £158

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Tiny chip in the border right side, a little rubbing to high points of blue in the corners.


Style: Aesthetic Movement floral
• Technique: Printed and painted
Maker: Sherwin & Cotton
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1890 (circa)


A nice example of this unique decorating technique from Sherwin & Cotton, a breezy and light floral design in the aesthetic taste. The technique characterised by rich, bright colours which have a slight relief yet retain translucency, painted within outlines and finished with a fabulous brilliant glaze. Not often seen and many times they slip by apart from the more discerning collectors who can not fail to notice that they have something rather more special than the typical floral tile.

Unfortunately some of these characteristics don't carry in on-screen images, the tactility of the low relief, the brilliance of the glaze, for they are wonderful tiles from one of the leading decorative tile specialists. However one can appreciate the quality of the painting. delicately and precisely executed, pink, white and yellow flowerheads, mustard and green leaves, cobalt blue and brown for the background patterns, bright yellow and green-grey for the border. That's nine colours, a tremendous number for most any tile, add a tenth if one includes the pale buff of the clay body, which is semi-vitrified and very durable.

Verso very clean, embossed Staffordshire Knot, pattern number in script.


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