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Aesthetic Transfer Print & Tint Tile Jackson Bros

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £80 (approx $131)
• Stock number: 05610

UK Special Delivery £90

EU Priority £94

US and World Priority £98

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One very tiny rim chip top edge near left (difficult to see), other marks are manufacturing flaws.


Style: Aesthetic
Technique: Print & tint
Maker: Jackson Bros.
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: Design registered 1884


A super aesthetic movement design, quite a radical design for its time, made by Jackson Brothers. A thicker than normal tile and a brilliant white body, dense and porcelain-like. I recall seeing a reference to Jackson Brothers of Shelton being potters and responsible for an innovation introducing a new very white clay but can not locate that reference, but a pot stand apparently from the late 1880s only refers to tiles.

Verso a little light rust stain, printed design registration number.


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