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Gothic-moderne Majolica Tile Malkin

• Condition: Perfect
• Price: £150 (approx $196)
• Ref: #05368

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Style: Gothic-moderne
Technique: Moulded majolica
Maker: Malkin
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1910 - 1930 (circa)


A most excellent tile from this most accomplished manufacturer, fabulous quality and oozing with style. A blend of styles, predominently gothic with art nouveau or art deco, decorated in brilliant glazes in rare colours. The background a mid grey, most unusual, greys were difficult to formulate and whilst not the most attractive of colours a perfect foil to brighter colours. Purplish perhaps mauve to purple leaves with bright pink darts and fabulous vibrant turquoise medallion as the centrepiece. Well moulded in quite high relief, Malkin in the top rung of manufacturers in respect of quality, fabulous colours and most stylish. Rare too, not seen before, fortunately there were two so I can have one for my collection and offer this for sale. In top condition too

Almost by accident I started to collect this genre, lead glazed gothic designs, I found I had a handful in my collection of art nouveau majolica tiles and really liked them so looked out for more. But it is a rare genre and they are hard to come by, one can't call it neo-gothic for that name is already taken, so I suggest gothic-moderne. Most always a fusion of gothic with the styles prevalent when lead glaze technology advanced to brilliance and a wide range of colours, art nouveau and victoriana especially the edwardian progression of victoriana.

Verso near perfectly clean, embossed England. The pattern has also been seen with a verso that Malkin stopped using aound 1905.


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