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Mosaic Pattern Print & Tint Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £85 (approx $128)
• Stock number: 05254

UK Special Delivery £94

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US and World Priority £102

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A few minute rim chips/flakes, perfect surface.


• Style: Roman floral
• Technique: Print & Tint
• Manufacturer: Unknown
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1881 (circa)


An excellent complex and well executed print with the careful addition of hand painted yellow in the centre section, manufacturer unknown but the design with three similar appear in the Mintons catalogue in indian blue. Shown as pattern number 27 indicating an early design originating at Minton & Co in the 1840s, the manufacturer not necessarily copying from Mintons for they copied it themselves. Similar mosaic patterns were registered by Minton Hollins and Sherwin & Cotton in 1881, they are rarely found.

The design is taken from a mosaic pavement found at Scampton Roman Villa five miles from Lincoln, an engraving of the mosaic was published in 1800. The original pavement was damaged by souvenir hunters and eventually lost to the winter frosts of 1815-16. Information from The British Museum.

Verso slightly grubby, unmarked 6 x 6 grid, often confused with Mintons but it definitely isn't - they never used 6 x 6 grids.


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