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Rare Group of Wedgwood Sample Tiles


• Style: Aesthetic
• Technique: Print & tint
• Manufacturer: Wedgwood
• Dimensions: 6" x 6" each tile
• Date: circa 1885



A most amazing group of tiles from Wedgwood including the richest colours I have seen on a tinted print. Apparently a salesman or showroom group for each has handling marks but no signs of wear from typical usages. Possibly salesman's samples or from a distributor's display, maybe even from the Wedgwood factory itself.

The pattern, number T349, is well known but prior to this group I have only seen in the bare print, one of which on a sage and speckled Marsden's patent impressed blank. Three of these have rarely seen unmarked blanks, the other with a slightly more common embossed letter B. The patterned tiles have a barely decipherable number written in clear glaze, the green completely unmarked and the brown marked with a number and choc on white again in a clear glaze. The painted tiles have also the typical painted pattern number.

The clear glaze marks are rather curious seemingly deliberately obscure, it is possible that the numbers are those of the print colours but why applied in clear glaze? It may just simply be that was what was convenient but otherwise for only those in the know. That none bears the embossed Wedgwood name perhaps indicates they were intended for a distributor who preferred not to have manufacturers name shown but may have been standard practice for that same reason. The only Wedgwood designs that consistently bear the maker's name are the well known and easily recognised picture series and the stencilled on sage clay bodies, the majority of ordinary patterns are not named evn though they may bear pattern and design registration numbers and even the occasional pattern name.

Each tile has chips to the rim, most on the brighter coloured tiles, the surfaces are perfect. Framed all but the top corner chip on the brightest tile would be unseen. Versos are rather grubby from much handling.

UK Special Delivery £850

EU Priority £860

US and World Priority £890

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