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Christopher Dresser Design Mintons Tile


Style: Greek
• Technique: Multicolour block print
Designer: Christopher Dresser
• Maker: Mintons
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: circa 1895

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £400 (approx $566)
• Ref: 05165


A super bold design and in excellent bright colours, rarely seen in this colourway, rarely seen at all but most often in browns. Made by Mintons the design found in Studies in Design by Christopher Dresser. Well printed and most brilliantly glazed.

Verso very clean just a touch of stain, embossed Mintons etc.

The British Museum has a group of four in their collection with pattern number 2417 indicating an introduction date of 1890, in the brown colourway it has pattern number 1472 indicating an introduction date of 1875, it was not uncommon for Mintons to introduce new colourways many years after the first.

Very few Dresser designs on tiles are known although many are attributed even stated as "by Dresser" in the literature most of which has been been written by pottery dealers. There are no designs for tile by Dresser known in the records despite the wish of many, for an extensive examination of the subject see this page.

A few very tiny losses to the rim, surface very near perfect.


UK Special Delivery £412

EU Priority £416

US and World Priority £420

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Studies in Design Plate XXIII


The design, or rather a part of it, is shown in Studies in Design plate XXIII, the description is, "Greek ornaments, suitable for dados; but they require enlarging considerably". It appears in the Mintons catalogue as pattern numbers 1472 and in different colourway as 1475 which indicates an introduction date of around 1875.




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