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Pugin Minton Gothic Glazed Encaustic Tile

Condition: Good
Price: £150 (approx $235)
Stock number: 05049

UK Special Delivery £160

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US and World Priority £178

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Corners apparently trimmed for original installation, chip near top right corner reveals the colours of clay, interesting to see. Surface condition is fabulous, brilliant glazed and barely a mark.


Style: Gothic revival
Technique: Glazed encaustic sandwich
Manufacturer: Minton & Co
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1860 - 1880


Incredible sandwich encaustic tile, all the colours are in clays, six super bright colours with brilliant glaze at first glance it looks to be a printed tile for such encaustic colours are rare. Designed by Pugin for Minton & Co. A very substantial tile, an inch thick and 1.15Kg (over 2.5 lbs), nearly the weight of three typical wall tiles.

The sandwich method apparently introduced around 1844 involved a layer of very tough 'heavy' red clay in between layers of buff clay, it reduced warping in manufacture and gave extra strength and durability, it remained in used until at least the 1880s. Glazed encaustics were mostly used for hearths and exterior walls where their durability and resistance to staining were positive benefits, they were amongst the most expensive tiles made.

Verso very clean, impressed Minton & Co, Patent, Stoke upon Trent.



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