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Fairground Colours Art Nouveau Tile


Condition: Very good
Price: £120 (approx $194)
Ref no: #04688

UK Special Delivery £128

EU Priority £132

US and World Priority £136

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A few tiny rim chips, surface very near perfect and very clean with super hi-gloss glazes.


Style/technique: Art Nouveau majolica
Manufacturer: T A Simpson
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1905


A quite different, perhaps rather curious art nouveau design indeed one may say two designs for the symmetry is mirror image and the two halves just meet, I have been half expecting to see it on a 3" x 6" tile. The colouring is also rather eccentric, vibrant fairground-like colours, these quite well applied for this design although seen infrequently tends to have erratic colouring. Very clean and most brilliantly glazed a fun tile that will brighten up many collections.

Verso rather grubby, unmarked save for painted pattern number.


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