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Rare Mintons Views Tile

Condition: Very good
Price: £110 (approx $171)
Stock number: 04380

UK Special Delivery £120

EU Priority £124

US and World Priority £128

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Glaze losses and roughness to the rim from being loosely fitted in the original frame, surface is perfect.


Style: Classical built landscape
Technique: Print & tint
Manufacturer: Mintons
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1895 (circa)


One of this series of views tiles engraved by L T Swetnam around 1885, this of Old Houses in Rouen. One of the more popular landscape series still not so easy to collect the full set, that is in the usual print colours of dark brown and indian blue, coloured examples of the series are very rarely found. Research indicates that hand coloured Mintons tiles were three to four tilmes the price of their ordinary prints which goes some way to explain the rarity. Of all Minton tiles these are the ones we find most often originally framed as art objects rather than fitted in to fireplaces, washstands etc or on walls.

Verso very clean, embossed Mintons etc.


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