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Eight Inch Copeland Spode Tile


Style/technique: Chinoiserie print and enamel
Manufacturer: Copeland & Garrett
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: circa 1840

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £165 (approx $266)
• Ref: 04251


A rarely found and very early Copeland tile, printed and painted overglaze in chinoiserie carnations and other flowers. A pleasing pattern in nice bright colours, super pinks and blues.

When this was made tiles were a niche product for English manufacturers, Herbert Minton was just just experimenting with floor tiles and Wedgwood occasionally made creamware wall tiles for the gentry.

Verso combed with impressed and printed marks Copeland & Garrett, Late Spode.

A few tiny rim chips, four lines on the surface apparently knife marks otherwise the glaze and enamel sufaces are perfect and brilliant. Such minor marks of little significance on this exceptionally early tile which displays beautifully.


UK Special Delivery £175

EU Priority £180

US and World Priority £185

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The image is a scan of the tile full size at 72 dpi (about 570 pixels wide) in maximum quality JPEG format. A larger 120 dpi image also in maximum quality JPEG format can be forwarded by email if required.

The image is a little oversize rather than cropped close to the edges so that the edges can easily be seen and any chips etc can be quickly spotted. Other marks described are usually not visible at all when the tile is viewed straight as one normally sees it and can only be seen with a critical eye when the tile is tilted to catch imperfections in reflected light. For a more detailed description of how we describe marks see Condition.



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