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Hand Painted View of a Country House Minton


Style/technique: Landscape hand painted
Manufacturer: Minton Hollins
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: circa 1880

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £125 (approx $194)
• Ref: 04250


A handpainted view of a substantial country house with chapel painted on a fine quality Minton Hollins blank. Extremely well painted and I do very much like the treatment of the foliage which often tends to be overdone and dominate, here it is lightly and brightly done as if in sunlight.

Hand written in a rust pencil verso is "White Cooper" which is taken to be the name of the house or its owner rather than the artist.

Verso very clean, embossed Minton Hollins etc.

Very small chip mid left edge, very slight chipping bottom edge, surface near perfect.



UK Special Delivery £225

EU Priority £230

US and World Priority £235

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