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Arts & Crafts Style Print & Tint Tile


Condition: Near perfect
Price: £60 (approx $96)
Stock number: 04053

UK Special Delivery £68

EU Airsure £72

US and World Airsure £76

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A couple of very tiny marks.


Style/technique: Floral print & tint
Manufacturer: T & R Boote*
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1900


This is most interesting from a design viewpoint but the colours are unusual too. The design is a fusion of several preceding styles that vied for the attention in the years preceding art nouveau. Clearly classical elements, that filling of the surface with wallpaper-like designs that epitomises arts & crafts floral, and for sure some of the more abstract lines and symmetry that suggest art nouveau. The bluish green print is uncommon, the burgundy underglaze relatively uncommon, the combination of the two very different.

Likely Boote or whoever created the decoration were taking inspiration from a popular Mintons tile, used for the inside covers of the first serious book on 19thC tiles, Victorian Ceramic Tiles by Julien Barnard. The design was registered in 1898 and so we have dated this shortly afterwards and we have an example here.

On a T & R Boote blank, far from certain that they decorated it for they sold biscuit widely including to known printers such as The Decorative Art Tile Co and Stubbs & Hodgart. Verso perfectly clean embossed England.


Condition: Excellent
Price: £50 (approx $80)
Stock number: 04053B

UK Special Delivery £58

EU Airsure £62

US and World Airsure £66

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Some slight chipping mid right edge, near perfect surface which is incredibly bright white.


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