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8" Moyr Smith Minton Shakespeare Tile


• Condition: Fairly good
• Price: £115 (approx $183)
• Ref: 03929


Style/technique: Pictorial block print
Manufacturer: Mintons Ltd
• Artist: J Moyr Smith
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: circa 1880


A tile from the popular Shakespeare series by John Moyr Smith for Mintons, uncommon in being the larger size and in multicolour.

Familiar to collectors in standard 6" x 6" outline print the multicolour versions are uncommon. Bizarrely called 'monochrome' in the Mintons catalogue - you'd have thought that even if Mintons marketing department had made the mistake the colour printers would have corrected it but it seems not. The six inch multicolour series in grey are not too uncommon, the browns, which I prefer are considerably less often found, probably about as frequently as Thompsons Seasons. There are only eighteen of the multicolour Shakespeares. This larger size, in the misnamed 'sepia monochrome', appear in the catalogue as pattern number 1710 and with the typo 'Skapespeare Series'.


About a dozen rim chips from small to very tiny, some light rubbing and scuffing to the surface neither take too much away. The tile displays well and would be excellent framed.


UK Special Delivery £125

EU Priority £130

US and World Priority £135

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