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Pretty Floral Print & Tint Tile

Condition: Very fine
Price: £120 (approx $183)
Stock number: 03909

UK Special Delivery £130

EU Priority £134

US and World Priority £138

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Three very tiny rim chips, a few tiny patches of light rubbing.


• Style: Floral
• Technique: Print & tint
• Maker: Unattributed*
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: circa 1895


A lovely tile, a botanical floral design within a sinple floral border. A very restrained and natural design decorated in really wonderful colours, seven perhaps eight, sensitively painted by the decorator. An uncommon design, this the brightest colouring and most brilliant glaze seen to date.

Verso very clean, painted pattern number and printed initials HP possibly for Hardy & Padmore ironfounders from Worcester, on a Boote blank. HP tiles are always found on Boote blanks as far as I am aware and are always pretty phenomenal tiles, good designs, well printed and well painted with excellent colours.


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