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Pair of Portrait Tiles Designed by Isaac Broome

  • Style: Profile portrait
  • Technique: Embossed majolica
  • Manufacturer: J & W Wade
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: 1890 (circa)

A fabulous pair of profile portrait tiles designed by Isaac Broome for Trenton moulded in high relief and glazed in a most mangificent glaze.

Isaac Broome is a well known sculptor and ceramic designer who designed many tiles for Trenton, Providencial and other US companies. Quite how this pair came to be made by J & W Wade of Stoke upon Trent is unknown and has provoked much discussion, it appears that they are the only such pair. There are found from time to time mostly in greens and blues and rarely in this particular glaze.

The colour of this glaze is difficult to describe, almost charcoal grey yet it has elements of purple, brown and green, rich in colour yet very translucent it is very rare only some of the émaux ombrants glazes used by Sherwin & Cotton are at all similar. Sherwin & Cotton's émaux ombrants tiles were of course indented relief, these being embossed in very high relief produce a quite different effect.

Versos plain bars, a little smoke stained, embossed Flaxman.

John and William Wade commenced tile making in 1888 under the company's general trading name of Wade & Co. Tile making proved very successful and the business was split off in 1891, named J & W Wade and with the trading name 'The Flaxman Art Tile Works'. John Flaxman was a famous 18th - 19th century sculptor living from 1755 - 1826, he trained at the Royal Academy school in London and later became professor of sculpture there. He sculpted several statues including one in Westminster Abbey and amongst others worked for Josiah Wedgwood. A 19th century American tile company also used the trade name 'Flaxman'. As implied by the adoption of the Flaxman brand many of Wade's tiles have a sculptural quality.


Condition: Very good
Price: £450 (approx $746)
Ref: 03161/2


UK Special Delivery £462

EU Priority £468

US and World Priority £474

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Ref: 03161/2

She has wear to the locks of hair on her forehead and a couple of other tiny surface marks.

He has wear to the lock of hair above the eye, a couple of other very tiny surface marks.

No damage to the edges of either tile, no scratches or dulling to the surface, the glaze is especially brilliant.


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