Art Nouveau Majolica Tile
  • Style/technique: Art Nouveau majolica
  • Manufacturer: Corn Bros
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: circa 1902
  • Colours: 4


A rather formal Art Nouveau design but no less the pleasing for that, in natural colours, three greens and the yellow flowers the centres deeply indented to create a darker hue as the glaze pools. Nice quality moulding and painting but firing a little inconsistent, the tiles taper slightly but with super brilliance in the glazes.


Condition: Fine
Price: £65 (approx $130)
Ref: 02785

Tiny chips top left and near top right corners, about half a dozen minute chips to the outline, short scratch upper left side otherwise the surface is near perfect, very clean and excellent brilliance in the glazes.

UK Special Delivery £73

US and World Airsure £80

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