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Aesthetic Movement Tile Wood & Co

• Condition: Perfect
• Price: £80 (approx $124)
• Stock number: 02628

UK Special Delivery £89

EU Priority £93

US and World Priority £97

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• Style: Aesthetic
• Technique: Transfer print
• Maker: W Wood & Co
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: Design registered 1884



An aesthetic design that contrives to contain the greatest number of stylistic elements of the period. There are vignettes of a cottage in the country and of a bird on branch, an japonesque decorated fan blade, a scarf or ribbon decorated with different patterns on either side, a blackberry branch with fruit and blossom and butterfly and dragonfly hovering nearby, a sprig of daisy-like flowers, a miniature seascape and a further view of a pond with water lilies. All crisply printed in black on white, it is difficult to imagine a fuller imagine and greater variety of constituents yet the tile remains light and bright.

Verso spotlessly clean and with printed pattern name, company initials and design registration number.


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