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Art Deco 3x6 Majolica Tile

• Style: Art deco
• Technique: Tubelined
• Manufacturer: J & W Wade
• Dimensions: 3" x 6"
• Date: 1910 - 20 (circa)


An excellent tube line tile in wonderful colours including purple, pale blue and a slate green background. Bright colours and brilliant glazes.

This tube line design tile in an art deco style is difficult to date for sure being designed sometime around the second decade of the 20thC for much of which there were more pressing things on people's minds. There were regular and geometric designs made right from the early years of the art nouveau period around 1900, this art deco design could well be viewed as art nouveau by some and maybe then it was considered so. Evidence linking Wade's pattern numbers and dates is very limited.

Verso slightly grubby, embossed England, written pattern number.


• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £160 (approx $213)
• Stock number: 02338H

Minute chip bottom edge, very minor surface marks.


UK Special Delivery £169

EU Priority £172

US and World Priority £175

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