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Arts & Crafts Art Nouveau 3x6 Tubeline Tile

• Style: Arts & crafts, art nouveau, wabi sabi
• Technique: Tubeline
• Maker: J. & W. Wade
• Dimensions: 3" x 6"
• Date: 1910 (circa)


A very rare arts & crafts wabi sabi tubeline tile, tubeline with a white outline and finished in matt glazes. Rare colours, purple, mauve and a taupe/mushroom ground. Imperfect by design the nature of high arts and crafts ceramics of the times.

Wade was a fabulous tilemaker around the turn of the 19th/20th century, not so well known in the wider world for tiles but well known for pottery especially twentieth century advertising wares and figures.

Verso clean but slightly grubby, embossed England, written pattern number.


• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £135 (approx $207)
• Stock number: 02337D

A few minute rim chips, losses to the top of the rim top left edge, perfect surface.


UK Special Delivery +£10

EU Priority +£12

US and World Priority +£15

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The Celebration of Imperfection.

A select genre of arts and crafts is deliberate imperfection implying handmade rather than machine made, objects may be non-square, have bumped edges and corners, have breaks in the tubeline and minor bleeding of colours. It is in their nature, the celebration of imperfection. The movement represents high art, most well known being the japanese Wabi Sabi but present in other most other cultures too. Medmenham tiles despite being pressed albeit by hand, conform to the aesthetic, which was most prominent in Britain from around 1900 to 1920. Arts & crafts architecture represents it, best recognised in houses that have odd shaped roofs, dormer windows, buttresses, part rendered walls etc all to imply that it was an older house with numerous repairs, alterations and additions.

For the most part imperfect things look unattractive, spoiled, but perfection can be just as disconcerting. The human face is classic, it should be symmetrical and symmetry is recognised as a desirable trait, showing good genes etc, but a perfectly symmetrical human face goes the other way. It is disconcerting, alien, and imperfection is introduced for example with a beauty spot in women's make-up. Look at the faces of the most famous actresses and models, many have a natural beauty spot. A distinctive aesthetic, quite fabulous, every piece unique and rare to find.



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